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The Minnesota Foundation for Student Organizations (MFSO) promotes and supports career and technical student organizations as they work to provide student opportunities for leadership, personal development, community service and career preparation.

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CTSO Day at the Capitol

February 25th, 2020

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Student Organizations celebrate Career and Technical Education Month!
2019 Central Region Leadership Conference

We are excited to celebrate CTE Month with our career and technical student organizations! On February 25th the Minnesota Foundation for Student Organizations will be hosting our 2020 CTSO Day at the Capitol! As the best ambassadors to career and technical education, our student leaders will be meeting with their State Representatives and Senators to discuss the impact career and technical student organizations have had on their education and career path.

With more than 30 student leaders participating, AND all of Minnesota’s CTSOs represented, we can’t wait! This day isn’t possible without a lot of help- so a big thank you to our MFSO Board Members, CTSO Executive Directors, CTE Educators and Administrators that make this day possible.

Building a Better CTSO: Developing, Marketing and Evaluating CTSO Programs

Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) are an essential part of the Career and Technical Education Programs in Minnesota. The Minnesota Foundation for Student Organizations wants to ensure our CTSOs have the tools necessary to be successful! Our annual workshop focused on developing, marketing and evaluating CTSO Programs.

In every career pathway, financial literacy is key to student success! The first presentation of the day featured Best Prep’s program: Financial Matters. The program brings volunteers into the classroom to educate students on a variety of real-life financial topics from credit and budgeting to buying a car and insurance. The presentation can be found here: Financial Matters

The second presentation was centered onmarketing and branding CTSOs. Marketing and Branding expert, TJ Lind discussed how to increase membership and engagement through a successful CTSO campaign. The presentation can be found here: Marketing and Branding

The afternoon concluded with Eva Scates-Winston, Minnesota State CTE Equity Specialist leading a discussion on evaluating CTSO programs through the lens of equity. Encouraging CTSOs to successfully incorporate equity and inclusion goals into programming. The presentation can be found here: CTSO Program Equity

2019 Biennium Report

The MFSO is required by law (M.S. 124D.34, Subd. 10) to file a Biennium Report every two years. The most recent was filed February, 2019. The Biennium Report highlights the activities of the MFSO and the Student Organizations it serves over the past two years.

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What Does the Future Student and Workforce Look Like? A Student Panel of Experts Will Tell You

On February 28th the Minnesota Foundation for Student Organizations, along with a panel including student leaders from DECA, BPA and SkillsUSA discussed the skilled workforce of tomorrow.

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CTSOs Support Students in Poverty

The MFSO was featured as a speaker at the 2017 ACTE Vision Conference in Nashville TN. The session provided an overview of how Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) can play a supportive role addressing students in poverty.

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