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The Minnesota Foundation for Student Organizations (MFSO) promotes and supports career and technical student organizations as they work to provide student opportunities for leadership, personal development, community service and career preparation.

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November 5, 2020

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CTSOs Adapt to the Virtual Learning Environment

Asschools across the state make difficult decisions this fall; opening todistance learning and hybrid scenarios,career and technical student organizations (CTSOs) are continuing to provide outstanding support to students throughout the process. In order to comply with varied learning circumstances, our CTSOs are preparing virtual leadership and skilled activities for our career and technical education classrooms.

For more information on reopening plans, please review the Safe Learning Plan for 2020-21 for comprehensive guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education and Minnesota Department of Health. The plan outlines a number of different scenarios ranging from full in-person open to distance learning. While districts still retain a great of autonomy, there are recommendations based on county infection rates and cases.

Supporting Underserved Populations and Distance Learning Opportunities

Over the past year, we have all been challenged to look at learning differently and find new ways to deliver CTE curriculum to our students. We must work to overcome the barriers to students in underserved populationsin this new environment. The MFSO is committed to supporting Minnesota’s CTSOs in their focus on reaching students through effective presentations or lessons online, while incorporating CTSO programming and increasing participation and opportunities within CTSOs for underserved and special populations.

2019 Biennium Report

The MFSO is required by law (M.S. 124D.34, Subd. 10) to file a Biennium Report every two years. The most recent was filed February, 2019. The Biennium Report highlights the activities of the MFSO and the Student Organizations it serves over the past two years.

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Considering Bringing LEADERSHIP into your classroom into your classroom?

Minnesota’s CTSOs offer countless student opportunities at the local, state and national level!

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A Vision for Growth

Over the past year the MFSO Board of Directors updated its strategic vision.

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