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The Minnesota Foundation for Student Organizations (MFSO) promotes and supports career and technical student organizations as they work to provide student opportunities for leadership, personal development, community service and career preparation.

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September 17th, 2020

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Minnesota

As our schools across the state prepare to open this fall, many to distance learning and hybrid scenarios, we understand there is a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty. We must continue to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable populations.

Through the Safe Learning Plan for 2020-21 Minnesota Department of Education and Minnesota Department of Health have put together comprehensive guidance for Minnesota’s schools. The plan outlines a number of different scenarios ranging from full in-person open to distance learning. While districts still retain a great of autonomy, there are recommendations based on county infection rates and cases.

We will continue to support and assist our student organizations through these unprecedented times.

Please follow the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the CDC recommendations and remember to wear a mask in any public setting.

CTSOs Adapt to Virtual Learning Environment

Wow there has been a lot going on this summer with our Minnesota Career and Technical Student Organizations! CoVid19 didn’t stop them from continuing to provide outstanding support to their advisors and students! Congratulations Minnesota HOSA and Minnesota FFA on hosting their first virtual conferences! As we approach Fall, we will be supporting our CTSOs as they continue to bring virtual leadership into the classroom.

The MFSO is also gearing up for a new year. The annual MFSO Fall Workshop will be going virtual for the first time. We will be focused on CTSO Opportunities: Equity and Access in Distance Learning.Stay tuned for the date and registration information. We are able to provide this workshop free of charge to CTSO Executive Directors, Board Members and Advisers but we will require registration.

2019 Biennium Report

The MFSO is required by law (M.S. 124D.34, Subd. 10) to file a Biennium Report every two years. The most recent was filed February, 2019. The Biennium Report highlights the activities of the MFSO and the Student Organizations it serves over the past two years.

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What Does the Future Student and Workforce Look Like? A Student Panel of Experts Will Tell You

On February 28th the Minnesota Foundation for Student Organizations, along with a panel including student leaders from DECA, BPA and SkillsUSA discussed the skilled workforce of tomorrow.

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CTSOs Support Students in Poverty

The MFSO was featured as a speaker at the 2017 ACTE Vision Conference in Nashville TN. The session provided an overview of how Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) can play a supportive role addressing students in poverty.

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