Get Involved: As a Board Member

Our Board of Directors represents many different areas of business and industry from agriculture to marketing and everything in the middle!

Visit the Minnesota Secretary of States Website to see our current Board openings.

Get Involved: As an Administrator

Did you know: 50% of graduates with bachelors degrees under the age of 25 are either unemployed or underemployed. 56 is the average age of the skilled worker. With a 7.7% national unemployment rate, there are 600,000 unfilled high skilled manufacturing jobs.

The answer is CTE with a CTSO integrated into the classroom. According to the Journal of Workforce Education and Development 90% of school administrators found CTSOs to effective in improving academic performance; 95% found them to be an effective tool in keeping students engaged in school.

Get Involved: As an Educator

CTSOs benefit educators as much as they benefit students. CTSOs provide instructional strategies used to develop, and expand occupational competencies. They offer organized activities for students to gain personal and leadership skills making them more employable and productive.

CTSOs also offer skill assessments which measure the students skill competencies against current industry standards. This can act as valuable instructional tool to the educator.

Get Involved: As a Volunteer
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Get Involved: As a Donor

The MFSO is not just a state agency, but also maintains a non-profit arm, creating the opportunity to bridge public and private funding. The MFSO has several ways you or your business can support the our mission! There are opportunities to sponsor a student to attend Leadership Training or Civic Awareness Day. You can also support a specific initiative or program of the MFSO. If you are interested in supporting a specific CTSO, we can help you do that too!